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Information about you:

On our website you are currently able to request for one of our teams to contact you for further information.The personal information collected on this website,are currently name & email address.When booking with us  we request your address and party venue address.


How we use it

The information about you is used primarily to respond to your request,we may also send you marketing emails for promotions we feel maybe of interest to you.If at anytime you no longer wish to recieve marketing emails,simply let us know and we will remove your email address from the system.


Who we share it with:

Paradise Party DJ's will not sell,rent or lease your personal information to others,unless we have your permission or are required to do so by force of law.The information we do hold on you will only be shared with business partners and this relates to the info you provide online.


Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions will be sent to via email.You will be required to accept the terms & conditions and then copy & paste the acceptance line back to us unfortunately without this we will be unable to process with your booking.


1. Deposit and Balance Payments:1.1 Bookings, Cake Orders and Bouncy Castle Hire must be paid in full and in cash(British Pound Sterling GBP) at the end of your booking, unless previous arrangement has been to pay via invoice. Your invoice will show the full amount due at the end of your booking.1.2 We do not accept personal or business cheques as a form of payment unless previously arranged.1.3 Card payments are only accepted for deposits via PayPal.2. Cancellation Policy:2.1 In the event that you need to cancel your booking, your deposit will not be refunded.2.2 If you fail to give at least 24 hours notice to cancel a booking you will be required to pay us a fee of £75.2.3 If you cancel a booking with less than 7 days notice you will be required to pay us £35.2.4 If you cancel your cake order and fail to give us at least 7 days notice you will be required to pay the full amount.2.5 If you cancel a cake order with more than 7 days notice you will be required to pay us £35.2.6 If you fail to give us more than 24 hours notice to cancel your bouncy castle hire you will be required to pay us £65.2.7 If you cancel your bouncy castle hire with more than 24 hours notice you will be required to pay us £35.3. Booking Confirmation:3.1 All booking confirmations must be checked in full by you, please check the date of the party, the start and finish time, the party address and your contact number. Paradise Party DJ’s will accept no responsibility for any errors which have not been noticed and reported by you the customer.4. Accidents/Safety4.1 Please ensure that a responsible adult is present at ALL times for a Children’s Party Booking (under the age of 16)4.2 Paradise Party DJ’s Ltd will not be held responsible for any accidents that occur, at an event, for which why are not liable; i.e. do not involve our entertainers or equipment.4.3 If you have booked our bubble and/or snow machine, you will need to be aware that they can cause the floor to become slippery. While we will do our best to keep the floor dry, and give warning about possible hazards as a result of using our machines, Paradise Party DJ’s will not be held responsible for any accidents as a result of slips, trips or falls in regards to the bubble and or snow machine.  In addition to this, Paradise Party DJ’s will not be responsible for any allergic reaction or skin reactions from using any of our machines or from the consumption of any of our sweet prizes given out during your party.5. Access to Venue Location:5.1 Unless informed otherwise, we will assume your party is on ground floor level and no more than 20 metres from where we are parked. You must inform us in advance if access to your party venue is difficult. You must also inform us of any parking restrictions or similar issues. Circumstances, such as the these, may result in a delayed start.5.2 You are required to inform us if the DJ/Entertainer will be required to carry equipment up stairs. You are aware that this may incur an extra charge.5.3 Outside bookings are only possible if agreed in advance, in writing. Appropriate coverings, such as a gazebo or marquee must be provided at the expense of and by the customer6. Changes to Bookings:6.1 All changes to any bookings, cake orders or bouncy castle hire must be made via email. We will respond to you either accepting or declining the changes via reply to your email.6.2 Cake orders cannot be changed with less than 72 hours notice.6.3 Changes to dates or times can be refused if we cannot accommodate this due to being fully booked.6.4 One change will be made for free including date change (if available), time change (if available), style of cake and cake size/quantity. Any other changes subsequent to this will result in a £10 administration charge that would need to be paid to us.6.5 Any upgrades of packages, changes of contact details including telephone number, personal address, email address, party venue address and admin errors will be changed for free.7. Cake Orders7.1 The customer is aware that all cake orders are outsourced to a third party.7.2 Paradise Party DJ’s accepts no responsibility for any issues with the cake orders that are out of our personal control.8. Bouncy Castle Hire8.1 The customer is aware that Bouncy Castle hire is outsourced to a third party.8.2 Paradise Party DJ’s accepts no responsibility for any issues with the bouncy castle.8.3 Terms and Conditions for the bouncy castle, will be supplied by the third party on the day of hire.9. Electric Supply in Venues 9.1 The customer is aware that there needs to be a minimum of two power sockets available in a close proximity to where the DJ/Entertainer will be setting up.9.2 Paradise Party DJ’s accepts no responsibility for any electrical failures/faults at the venue during your party.




DBS & Public Liability Insurance Of Entertainers

All Entertainers are subject to an Enchanced DBS.These are renewed every 3 years  and certificates are held confidentially.


All Entertainers work on a self employed basis they are responsible for sourcing thier own Public Liability Insurance.Entertainers sign a disclaimers letter every 2 years to confirm that they have this insurance cover.


Disco Equipment

Please be aware that disco set-ups can vary from images dispalyed on our website.All of our mobile disco-setup will include:

minimum of 2 speakers on stands, a DJ light stand with a minimum of 3 LED lights and  smoke machine if requested.




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